From Serving the Country to Conserving It — GIS is Key

“I am passionate about conserving natural resources and working to slow the rate at which California urbanizes productive farmland and open space.  The Williamson Act is a key tool to achieve that goal.”

Annie Giovacchini – Environmental Planner


#FacesOfConservation — Meet Ann Marie (Annie) Giovacchini, an environmental planner for DOC’s Division of Land Resource Protection.

Annie is a US Army veteran where she worked as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and imagery analysis expert.

She now uses that background to analyze and map development activity on California’s prime farmland. She then helps cities and counties navigate the Williamson Act.

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The Williamson Act encourages farmland conservation by allowing cities and counties to offer reduced property taxes for landowners to keep their property in farmland or open space.

The Faces of Conservation project aims to show the public the value of the work their public servants do with a behind-the-scenes look. The Department of Conservation is committed to employing the best scientists, engineers, technicians, supervisors, and support staff possible and utilizing those skills and talents to balance the safe and strategic use of California’s finite natural resources. We are proud to work with valuable people like Annie.

“From my early days in the Army to now, I am using every skill I have ever learned, but I believe GIS to be the most useful tool to analyze data and communicate trends and changes in land use.” -Annie


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