Celebrating Our Engineers for #EngineersWeek, February 22-26

Last week in our social media, DOC celebrated the engineers on staff for #EngineersWeek. We have 284 engineers on our roster throughout four divisions. Let’s meet a few of them.

Mark Ghann-Amoah
Inland District Deputy

Mark is Inland District Deputy for California’s Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM). He supervises oil and gas drilling and production, freshwater protection, underground injection control, production tank, pipeline integrity, and CalGEM’s environmental protection programs.

One of Mark’s favorite parts of his job is the culture of respect, diversity, and collaboration while managing California’s natural energy resources with the common goal of helping achieve its carbon reduction goals.

“I believe my work is to create an environment that makes talented people want to work for CalGEM and make a long-lasting positive impact on the community.” ~ Mark Ghann-Amoah

Baldev Gill
Acting Chief Deputy of Operations Support for the Southern District

Baldev is Acting Chief Deputy of Operations Support for the Southern District staff of California’s Geological Energy Management Division (CalGEM). In this capacity, he manages training, work products, and resource requests to enable staff to get their jobs done.

As Acting Chief, Baldev gets to work with CalGEM’s other districts (Inland, Coastal and Northern) and help facilitate uniform processes to manage California’s natural resources as safely and responsibly as possible with the common goal to help California achieve its carbon reduction goals.

“We work to be cognizant of our communities while ensuring oil and gas operators conduct business in a safe, environmentally friendly manner and within CalGEM regulations.” ~Baldev Gill

Adaku Adeleye
Supervising Senior Oil and Gas Engineer

Adaku is a Supervising Senior Oil and Gas Engineer with California’s Geologic Energy Management Division. She ensures that water, steam and gas injected into underground reservoirs stay within the approved injection zone and injection operations do not have adverse effects on public health, safety and the environment.

“I love building/strengthening a regulatory program that is committed to safeguarding the public and the environment.”~Adaku Adeleye

We recognize and appreciate all DOC engineers who are dedicated to protecting and serving our state through science and sound engineering practices.

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