Earth Science Week Day 2 — Earth Observation Day

It’s Earth Science Week (October 12-16)

Continuing on our theme of Earth Science Week, today we are talking about earth observation.

Tuesday: October 13: EARTH OBSERVATION DAY

Today is all about LIDAR (a detection system which works on the principle of radar, but uses light from a laser) and how the Department of Conservation uses it to observe the Earth and protect California’s precious natural resources.

Check out this video tutorial from DOC’s resident Geospatial Information Specialist Nate Roth:

Explore DOC’s materials:

Earth Science Week

Starting in 1998, this is a week American Geosciences Institute has organized as a way to bring national and international attention to understanding and appreciating for the Earth sciences. And Earth science appreciation is something the Department of Conservation supports year round.

This year’s Earth Science Week celebrates “Earth Materials in Our Lives,” which emphasizes how Earth’s materials impact humans — and the ways human activity impacts these materials — in the 21st century.

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