CalConservation’s Technology Team Makes Telework Transition

In the blink of an eye, CalConservation’s staff went from 10 office buildings throughout the state to 900 home offices. Without missing a beat, our technology team (ETSD) facilitated a nearly flawless transition of our department to telework.

Thanks to foresighted and proactive leaders, supportive management, and nimble and committed staff, DOC continues to produce high quality work while helping to flatten the curve of contagion of the novel Coronavirus.

All of CalConservation staff now have the ability to work from home. Those required to perform field inspections are still doing so while practicing safe social distance.

Thanks to these Telework Champions for their hard work during a time of uncertainty, CalConservation is able to continue business as usual.

Women Scientists
PHOTO: Here’s a small sample of the amazing and hard working ETSD team.

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