DOC’s Women in Science Making a Difference

Women In Science Day

“The Department of Conservation is home to dozens of earth science experts and experienced, talented staff. From professional engineers, to geologists, botanists, environmental scientists, and more, DOC is proud many of our science-based positions are held by women.  I am proud of the contributions DOC’s women scientists are making toward helping California achieve its climate change and natural resources goals.” 

Department of Conservation Director David Bunn

In honor of National Women in Science Day, February 11, 2019, we asked a few of our own what inspired them to go into the field of science.

Here’s what they told us:

How does your scientific work make a difference in the world/state/community? 

“My experience as a subject matter expert to the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency is the most incredible project/opportunity I have been involved in during my career.  Working to secure the geothermal wells in case the lava inundated the project was a minute by minute challenge against nature, remoteness, unknowns and technology.”

Charlene Wardlow, Division of Oil, Gas, & Geothermal Resources Northern District Deputy Geothermal

Watch a video update of Charlene on scene in Hawaii below.

Another of DOC’s #WomenInScience is California Geological Survey’s Engineering Geologist Cynthia Pridmore; better known on Twitter as 
“Working in geology & engineering geology for nearly 40 years,  I have done a lot and seen a lot of changes. Totally appreciating my current opportunity to be a science communicator for CA earthquake, tsunami, and volcano hazards.”  and
Cynthia Pridmore, California Geological Survey Engineering Geologist

Cynthia travels the state educating young people and educators about all kinds of earth science. Watch her video below to learn about volcanoes in California.

Yet another of DOC’s #WomenInScience is California Geological Survey’s Senior Seismologist Rui Chen:

#FacesOfConservation—Meet Rui Chen, a senior seismologist with the DOC’s California Geological Survey. Rui’s work focuses on seismic hazards assessment–in particular, hazards associated with strong shaking and surface fault rupture in the event of an earthquake. She applies her expertise in reviewing seismic design for critical facilities such as schools, hospitals, and nuclear power plants, and in the development of regulatory seismic hazard zones. She’s collaborated with world-renowned expert scientists in conducting cutting-edge seismic research and developed guidance documents.

FOCON-rui-chen-main (002)


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