New Year New Faces at DOC

A new year means new faces for our Faces of Conservation project.

Faces of Conservation does just that. It puts a face to the work our staff do daily, often outside of the public eye. We are committed to employing top scientists, engineers, technicians, supervisors, and support staff and leveraging their talent to help balance the safe and strategic use of California’s finite natural resources. And each employee adds to the smart and friendly workplace here at DOC.

faces collage

Since the project began, we’ve shared with the world the work of more than 28 staff through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The project has now morphed into more than simply public outreach. Some would say it has increased internal staff morale and been a great tool to showcase job openings. It has also created opportunities for collaboration with fellow state departments to share resources and enhance the way we tell our stories (i.e. CalPERS’ #WeServeCA campaign.)

DOC California Geological Survey’s Vladimir Yanusik was featured in a video produced by CalPERS. Click on the #WeServeCA link above.

In a department with five distinctly different divisions, Faces of Conservation creates a visual sense of how we all fit into the department as a whole; with common goals and values. It’s given staff the opportunity to learn a little more about a person they might see on the elevator each day.

One of our most popular Faces of Conservation posts (as far as social media metrics) was Ogonna Obinwa of our Division of Mine Reclamation. Back-end analytics show his post reached almost 1,000 people, garnered 415 engagements, 58 comments, and 242 post clicks. For those who don’t speak social media analytics fluently, it means Ogonna and his post meant a lot to a lot of people.

We like the project because it demonstrates DOC’s appreciation for its employees and the important work they do for California and their fellow residents. We are proud to work with valuable people like those highlighted through this project and excited to share a new year of new Faces of Conservation with you.